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Baklava vs. Baklawa?

Enjoying great Mediterranean cuisine isn’t complete without baklava… Or is it baklawa? Both are great desserts that people enjoy with their food.

They are the same type of dessert, which is why the differences can be difficult to see. When taking a look at baklava vs baklawa, it’s more than just the V and W that changes. 

baklava vs baklawa

Origin Location

Where each pastry is from is different depending on what you get. Baklawa is from Assyria and Lebanon, and it quickly became popular in the middle eastern countries.

When the dessert reached Greece, the recipe and name changed to baklava. There are many Mediterranean foods that are inspired by middle eastern cuisine, including this one!

Baklava Ingredients

A subtle difference between baklawa and baklava is a couple of ingredients. Baklawa uses more nuts in one layer, sandwiched between the filo layers. On the other hand, baklava has many layers of nuts, filo, and sweet syrups.

The nuts in baklava vary from pistachios and walnuts. Another difference in ingredients comes from the sweetener used. Most baklava uses honey, which is very common. In some baklawa recipes, however, the sweetener is atter, a thicker syrup sweetener used in many Arabic desserts. 

Taste of Baklava vs Baklawa

Because of the different ingredients, you might think that the taste of each dessert is different, but the truth is that they are very similar. The taste of baklava and baklawa only significantly change between recipes and who makes them.

For example, some baklawa recipes include hints of orange and rose blossoms. Some baklava recipes use many crushed nuts as a garnish and to add extra flavors. In both cases, you can be sure to find something that you like with either dessert.

Whether you have baklava or baklawa, the great flavors of the Middle East and Mediterranean are just a couple clicks away. Check out our sweets shop to find great baklava that your friends and family can enjoy.

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