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Can Baklava Go Bad?

One of the best feelings in the world is to open up the fridge to see delicious leftovers, ready to eat and easy to clean up. It’s like that for desserts, too. However, just like any food, baklava can go bad over time or if not stored properly. 

How to Store Baklava

Baklava is best kept in a sealed, air-tight container. That container should be kept in a cool area that is away from any sunlight. This can be in cabinets or other dark places where you store food. While some places recommend storing baklava in the fridge, the baklava we make can be stored at room temperature. 

How Long Baklava Lasts

If sealed without any air, our baklava can have a shelf life of a year. Once opened and left unsealed, baklava is good for two weeks until it starts going bad. You’ll want to be sure to check any leftovers before enjoying it. There are some signs to look for, but you’ll mostly just wait for it to get stiff and brittle to let you know it went bad.

What Happens When Baklava Goes Bad

As stated before, baklava mostly gets hard to chew and brittle, falling apart easily. For those who use a lot of honey or sugar syrup on their baklava, it can start to go bad when it gets too soggy to hold. Other signs to look out for is if it starts to fade in color or discolor altogether.

That usually means that it has been left out too long. The final thing to look for is mold. Like most other food products, baklava can mold after opening. If any of these are on your baklava, it is best to throw it out and get a fresh batch!

Check out our baklava recipes, or order your own as a treat for yourself or a party. It is a perfect dessert for fun or any special occasion.

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